Kathleen Kirkwood

When Kathleen began working with QWASI in 2000, nearly 20 years ago, she and QWASI dreamed of ways to leverage mobile technology to create a more sustainable world.  This began with activating products on QVC for customers to learn more about products before buying, and then giving them a way to text in to recycle products that would be up-cycled for reuse.  

In 2017, Kathleen and QWASI began working with Caesar's Hotels & Casinos to gamify product engagement, rewarding people for using sustainable products, while eliminating waste.   

In 2019, when Apple finally made QR and NFC native in iOS devices, the dream of creating truly Smart Products became a reality, unlocking a new opportunity to build the sustainable world with the promise of scale.  A year later, COVID, propelled adoption of Smart Products as QR codes replaced menus, and consumer behavior changed to embrace touchless technology.  

As stars aligned to launch #BYOC, allowing everyone and every brand in the world to make products smart and sustainable with QWASI IOT, Kathleen experienced tragedy.  It is in her honor and with her as our conscious, QWASI presses on to activate her sustainable world through smart products with the hope of creating a greener world for everyone.